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From : Irfan Maulana
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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

You already know that the graphical elements on your website are what get your readers’ attention first and draw them to your text.

It’s a well-known fact that the use of professional and attractive graphical elements on websites increase the proportion of user generated activity such as sales, newsletter subscription, and the amount of time spent on a particular site.

Because your site looks then more professional you convert more readers into buyers, and more visitors into subscribers. You convert more. You sell more. You increase the number of your subscribers. You earn more money.

Recent studies have proven the fact that most people considering the purchase of a digital product visit the particular page of the item four times before making their actual purchase. In this case, the graphical elements of your website is a vital factor in helping them make a decision. A great visual experience will help convince the most skeptical of buyers to give your product a try.

Moreover, your visitors scan through your sales page; they don’t read it from start to end. That’s also why you need professional marketing graphics in order to grab the attention of your visitors who are perpetually in a hurry, and draw them to the most important parts of your sales page.

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I Wish You Success,
Irfan Maulana
P.S. : Don’t forget that using professional graphics in your website will enhance trust and confidence your visitors have in you and in your product.
This will helps increase your repeat visits, sign-ups, conversions and sales.
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